Beach Bagel & Deli Long Beach

1090 West Beech St, East Atlantic Beach, NY 11561
Call 516-431-7406

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Bagel $0.90
Mini Bagel $0.50
Bagel with Butter $1.75
Bagel with Jelly $1.75
Bagel with Butter and Jelly $1.95
Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese $1.95
Bagel with Cream Cheese and Jelly $2.25
Bagel with Peanut Butter and Jelly $2.25
Mini Bagel with Butter $1.10
Mini Bagel with Jelly $1.10
Mini Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese $1.60
Mini Bagel with Flavored Cream Cheese $2.20
Mini Bagel with Cream Cheese and Jelly $1.95

Assorted Cream Cheese
Vegetable Cream Cheese $3.25
Scallion Cream Cheese $3.25
Walnut Raisin Cream Cheese $3.25
Bacon Herb Cream Cheese $3.25
Bacon Scallion Cream Cheese $3.25
Olive Pimento Cream Cheese $3.25
Lox Cream Cheese $3.75
Strawberry Cream Cheese $3.75
Blueberry Cream Cheese $3.75
Garlic Cheddar Cream Cheese $3.75
Garlic Herb Cream Cheese $3.75
Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese $3.75
Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese $3.25
Jalapeno Cream Cheese $3.75
Sun-dried Tomato Cream Cheese $3.75
Light Vegetable Cream Cheese $3.25
Light Scallion Cream Cheese $3.25
Vegetable Tofu Cream Cheese $3.25
Scallion Tofu Cream Cheese $3.25

Danish $2.20
Croissant $1.90

5 Croissants $7.60

If you would like multiples of any flavors, please specify in the special instructions box.

Muffin with Butter $2.45
Muffin with Jelly $2.45
Muffin with Cream Cheese $2.65
Flagels $1.45
Flagel with Butter $2.50
Flagel Plain Cream Cheese $3.10
Flagel with Flavored Cream Cheese $4.25
Muffin $1.90

5 Muffins $7.60 If you would like multiples of any flavors, please specify in the special instructions box.

Tuna Salad $7.29+
Tuna Lite Salad $7.29+
Chicken Salad $6.99+
Chicken Lite Salad $6.99+
Egg Salad $5.75+
Shrimp Salad $7.29+
Seafood Salad $7.29+
Turkey Salad $6.99+
Chopped Liver Salad $5.25+
White Fish Salad $8.29+
Baked Salmon Salad $8.29+
1 lb. Cucumber Salad $6.99
1 lb. Pasta Broccoli Salad $6.99
1 lb.Mozzarella and Tomato Salad $8.99
1/4 lb. Nova Scotia Salmon Salad $9.29

Hot Food
Chicken Parm $8.50+
Eggplant Parm $7.99+
Meatball Parm $8.25+
Sausage and Peppers $7.75+
Chicken Wings $7.99
Chicken Nuggets $7.99
Chicken Fingers $7.99+
Grilled Chicken $8.50+
Mac and Cheese $6.49
Mac and Beef $6.99
Swedish Meatballs $7.75+
1 Riceball $2.50

Make Your Own Wrap $7.99

Includes one choice of macaroni salad, potato salad or coleslaw and pickle.
Fireman's Favorite Wrap $6.99

Buffalo chicken fingers, melted mozzarella cheese, blue cheese dressing and hot sauce.
American Wrap $6.99

Roast beef, turkey, ham, bologna, American cheese and lettuce.
Monte Cristo Wrap $6.99

Blackforest turkey, honey ham and Swiss cheese.
Turkey Wrap $6.99

Turkey, muenster and lettuce.
Peppermill Turkey Wrap $6.99

Cracked peppermill turkey breast, American cheese and lettuce.
Grilled Chicken Wrap $6.99

Grilled chicken, feta cheese, roasted red peppers and baby spinach.
Caribbean Wrap $6.99

Salsalito turkey breast, aged cheddar cheese, hot peppers and lettuce.
Chicken Parm Wrap $6.99

Fried chicken cutlet with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella.
Grilled Chicken Wrap $6.99

Grilled chicken, roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella.
Ham and Cheese Wrap $6.99

Boars head deluxe ham, American cheese and lettuce.
Italian Wrap $6.99

Ham cappy, proscuitto, Genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce and roasted peppers.
Now and Later Wrap $6.99

Buffalo chicken breast, pepperjack cheese, hot cherry peppers, cayenne peppers and lettuce.
Tuna Wrap $6.99
Lite Tuna Wrap $6.99
Jalapeno Tuna Wrap $6.99
Chicken Salad Wrap $6.99
Lite Chicken Salad Wrap $6.99
Shrimp Salad wrap $6.99
Egg Salad Wrap $6.99
BLT Wrap $6.99

Specialty Sandwiches
BLT Sandwich $6.25+

Packed with crispy bacon lettuce and tomatoes.
Yo, Gimme a Hero $8.50+

 Proscuitto and provolone topped with hot peppers and oil.
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich $8.25+

Our homemade chicken cutlet, ham and melted Swiss with honey mustard.
Tuna Melt $7.99+

Homemade tuna topped with your choice of melted cheese.
Italian All the Way Sandwich $9.75+

Genoa, salami, ham, cappy, pepperoni, prosciutto, provolone, lettuce, tomato oil and vinegar.
Ebbetts Field Sandwich $7.99+

 Roasted turkey, bacon, munchee cheese and Russian dressing.
Combo Sandwich $7.99+

Hot pastrami and corned beef with spiced mustard.
Everybody's Gone Surfing Sandwich $7.50+

Chicken cutlet melted choice of cheese with Russian dressing.
Bum and a Half Sandwich $7.99+

Ham, pepperoni and Genoa salami topped with lettuce and oil and vinegar.
The Goodfella's Sandwich $8.50+

Chicken cutlet, prosciutto, melted Swiss and ranch dressing.
Reuben $6.99+

Hot corned beef, melted Swiss and sauerkraut.
After Sandy Sandwich $7.99+

Salsalito turkey, blackforest ham, three pepper Colby, tomato, red onion and spicy mustard.
Richie's Special Sandwich $7.99+

Grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, red onions, Asiago cheese and ranch dressing.
American Hero $9.75+

Roast beef, turkey, ham, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard.

Fat Boy Heros
Fat Boy Hero $7.99

Includes dressing, tomato, lettuce, sliced pickles and olives. Choice of one meat and one cheese.
Fat Boy Hero on Sliced Bread $6.99

Includes dressing, tomato, lettuce, sliced pickles and olives. Choice of one meat and one cheese.

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This is our go-to sandwich place when we go to the beach in the summer. The iced coffee is very good, the bagels are tasty and the jalapeno tuna salad is phenomenal-and unique, I've never seen it elsewhere. Though it's not fancy, it also has a bathroom which is handy. This review is only four stars because the line at the deli can be long/slow, and the counter staff sometimes ball up the details of the orders-giving me macaroni salad instead of coleslaw or forgetting the onion, for instance. But the jalapeno tuna.... ummm... Reviewed by Jane D.

A little bit of a walk for me, but well worth it for AMAZING bagels.  Sadly you cannot find bagels like this in Manhattan so why not house the equivalent of 7 slices of bread in the morning before pouring my lard ass into a bikini and hitting the beach for a day of baking myself in the sun?  Honestly, the bagels are enormous and doughy and delicious.  They have an endless assortment of cream cheeses - I think I've even seen chocolate chip as well.  The line is long, but they move quickly.  My family and I love this place. Reviewed by Julia J.

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