The Coffee Nut Cafe Restaurant Long Beach

250 East Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561
Call 516-897-6616

Delivers: No    Rating: 70%    Price range: $$$$    Style: Coffee, Cafe   Reviews    Directions


I love getting coffee from here. All of their flavored coffees are delicious.  It's junk food galore on the counter tops, so you might have a hard time abstaining if pastry is your downfall. I wish they had some healthier options, I would buy them a lot more often.

Two problems with this place- lack of parking.  Do not park in the lot next door on the weekends, no matter the time of day because a tow truck stalks the lot.

The other issue is that no cards under $10.  Sometimes I don't have any cash on me, so I will go to Gentle Brew instead of Coffee Nut because there is no minimum.

Other than that, this place is my favorite. The owner is also maybe the nicest person in the universe and only hires staff that is sweet and friendly.
Reviewed by Lilah M.

Love the little coffee joint. The yogurt muffins are great! Regular coffee great but the frozen carmel craze takes the cake during the summer. Reviewed by Jessica E.

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