Diner By The Sea Restaurant Long Beach

260 East Park Ave, Long Beach NY 11561
Call 516-431-2233

Delivers: Yes    Rating: 80%    Price range: $$$$    Style: Diner, Breakfast   Reviews    Directions


DELICIOUS SHAKES!!!! I had the Oreo pancakes, very good! The server we had really wasn't the greatest but it was because she had a table all the way in the front and we were all the way in the back. The manager is not very nice to her staff, very snappy and was scolding one girl who was the best server that she's got. Reviewed by  Kristen L.

My mother in law , friend and I came here for lunch after hearing about their shakes . Let me just say their food is extremely good . That's a lot coming from someone who typically does not care for diners! I started w the baked clams , which were seasoned and stuffed just perfectly ! Then I had their grilled cheese with tomato which was extremely juicy and had a bit of a sweetness to it .. It was delicious ! To top it off I had a tiramisu shake ... I was actually surprised at how much it tasted like tiramisu ! My overall experience was awesome especially for the price ! Reviewed by Nicole E.

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