JW Trainorís Bar & Grill Restaurant Long Beach

912 West Beech St, Long Beach, NY 11561
Call 516-608-4244

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This is what I would call a dive bar.  But I like dive bars, so there isn't any offense meant to be taken.  Definitely a very laid back bar and filled with locals.  I have a house within stumbling distance of this place and it is definitely less of a fist pumping kind of crowd that most of the places on Beech (I'm looking at you, Minnesota's).  

Everyone here is REALLY nice.  It's actually kind of shocking how nice the bartenders are.  There was some very important English soccer match playing at 10am on Monday that my boyfriend wanted to watch... and since we do not have any cable or even a TV for that matter in our house again, (yet) we decided to try Trainor's.  We really didn't have any intention of drinking due to our weekend festivities (which about 45 mins later we gave in because my neighbor tricked us into getting drunk) but figured we would order a drink if we could find the game because we were taking up bar stools (mind you there were at least 10 old timers in here drinking some hard stuff).  We asked the bartender if he could put the game on and he just gave us the remote to surf for the channel. Anyway, in general this bar is definitely more casual and doesn't try as hard as the rest of the majority of bars in Long Beach.  Not much decor or ambiance; just your basic run of the mill bar.
Reviewed by Julie J.

This is a neighborhood bar more than a restaurant and definitely has a local feel.  Very casual.  For those of you who know the West End you know there are places to get a burger about every 50 feet but none of them come close to the Happy Burger at Trainors.  Do not miss it!  Handmade, juicy, delicious and best of all reasonable.  The tacos are excellent too. Reviewed by Anne T.

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