Life's A Bagel Restaurant Long Beach

76 West Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561
Call 516-889-8470

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I love this bagel spot when I'm in a rush. They move quick and most times the line isn't that bad but the bagels are a hit or miss. Sometimes the bagels are a little hard and that's on a Sunday morning at 8am :/ when they should be fresh. I always order whole wheat mini bagel with butter not toasted. I like to taste my bagel at its finest. It's a convenient location so I keep coming back....... Try it for yourself. Reviewed by Davone M.

I moved in about 2 blocks away across the street about 5 years ago....and discovered to my delight that not only does Life's A Bagel serve bagels but they serve flagels (flat bagels) as well! The flavor on the bagels is delicious and the texture is perfect - soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside (no toasting needed). The selection of flavored cream cheeses is also exceptional. The staff is very nice and very quick, but I do recommend watching them with the cream cheese as I've received the wrong flavor a few times (there are many to choose from, honest mistake).
Two cons to this place: the ambience (not comfortable to sit and eat) and the hours - since they open at 5am, they close at 3pm....wake up early, get some bagels.. definitely worth it :)
Reviewed by Jennifer P.

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