Marvel Frozen Dairy Long Beach

258 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY 11561
Call 516-889-4232

Delivers: No    Rating: 70%    Price range: $$$$    Style: Ice Cream   Reviews    Directions


What's not to love about soft serve ice cream after a long hot day! Parking lot stinks, too small and crowded. Employees are friendly and quick to get your order. Marvel has been here forever.  5-stars for this place.

I wanted a traditional classic vanilla cone, hard chocolate and special colored sprinkles so I went with it. Delicious. Next time I'd try the pistachio, I keep seeing everyone recommend this flavor!
Reviewed by Alana B.

Not sure what the difference is between Marvel and other soft-serve ice cream joints but it's delicious; and for that, I'm giving it five stars! It can get very busy over the summer and the line can get long (which is outdoors and on a busy street) but the wait is very much worth it. Whether you're heading to/from the beach or are in the area on a hot day, Marvel is a must! Reviewed by Samantha D.

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