Shine's Bar Long Beach

55 California Street, Long Beach, NY 11561 (corner of West Beech Street)
Call 516-432-9248

Delivers: No    Rating: 70%    Price range: $$$$    Style: Bar, Pub Food   Reviews    Directions

Hours: Monday - Saturday Doors Open 8:00am, Sunday Doors Open 12:00pm

Weekly Specials:

Mondays: Old Skool Nintendo Night
Wednesdays: Free Pool
Fridays: Buy-One, Get-One Happy Hour starting at 5pm


This place is legendary. So much character and history. The staff is super friendly as well. Stays open real late so theres no excuse not to pop in for a beer. Reviewed by Mike B

The place has that "local bar" aura that you can sense just by looking at it, and when you get inside it is no different.

Shines is frequented by regulars and LB residents- or the occasional out of towners who think all LB bars are like The Inn but learn immediately upon entering that this is not the case (thank God, I say). And it feels welcoming; which cannot be taken for granted at a bar of regulars. It's big but for some reason everyone packs into the smallest part of the bar where the taps are- OK, that's the reason.
Reviewed by Tom O.

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